Chocolate contains many nutrients including minerals such as calcium iron and potassium. It is said that calories from chocolate comes from the ingredient and not from the fat.

Many facts exist as far as chocolate is concerned. They include:
Chocolate which is dark in color has cacao which is more and less sugar as compared to the other types of chocolate and hence considered healthier.

A chocolate which is dark has several antioxidants that can help the cardiovascular system in reduction in the risk of getting hypertension. When one takes chocolate on a daily basis, it helps in hearth diseases reduction by 1/3.

Chocolates are made up of cocoa products that reduce the risk of diabetes through its oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

A chocolate river existed in 1971.Augustus Gloop almost drowned in that river as the Willy Wonka film was developed. The river fairly spoiled with all the cream and it revealed a cast with a terrible smell.

Chocolate was used as money kin the Mayan time. The bean of the cocoa was considered valuable as it was compared to dust gold.

White chocolate isn’t real chocolate. For a product to be chocolate which is real, it must contain solids of cocoa, or liquid cocoa. The chocolate which is white instead contains cocoa butter.

The chip chocolate cookie was an accident. After realizing that she was out of the chocolate bakers, Ruth Wakefield mixed nestle chocolate pieces into the dough of the cookie, with expectations that the absorption of the chocolate will take place to create cookies of chocolate.

A correlation exists between consumed chocolate in a country and the Nobel laureates number produced by that country.

A thief made up of a jewel worth 28 million dollars of gems gained the guards’ trust who was working in a bank.

Blood in shower of psycho’s famous was chocolate syrup.