cakes“Welcome to my online store of cakes. My name is Amy and my hobby is to make cakes. I hope you like and buy them. I make my cakes from natural products such as cheese, butter, flour, eggs, vanilla and many more depending on the type of cake to make. The products which I use are of high quality.

My store is a small one but it contains vanilla bake cakes, cupcake and also cheese cakes. You can take my fliers from my website and from my Facebook page which contains a whole list of cakes and their prices. I work hard in maintaining customer satisfaction which is high while I keep my prices as low as I can.Through keeping my overheads minimum and bulk buying of the cakes, it gains a substantial saving to my customers.

My website has been updated recently in improving your experience on buying cakes and baking products. Before opening my online cake store, I conducted various laboratory tastes and tests to my cakes until the magic formula was finally hit.

I always feel that knowledge sharing through teaching and demonstration worldwide is a great thing to do. I hope you will pick numberless hits and tips from my tutorials which are online. My cakes are highly designed and are not commissioned since I aim in new products development in helping you with your designs.

We create custom cakes during all occasions. The prices vary depending on the design complexity and decor. Please see my gallery and view some of the customized cakes.

You can order through your credit or debit card or through PayPal. When you make your order before 3.00 pm, your order will reach to you one business day through USPS.my delivery of the store cakes package is a prompt guarantee. In conserving the environment which I live on, I use recycled materials to package the cakes”.